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Our new network for professionals

Introducing Obsidian Nexus; an innovative networking platform for accountants, lawyers and financial advisors. Put simply, Nexus is a way to share expertise, provide access to valuable resources and facilitate better communication and collaboration.

Nexus gives you access to a regular news stream, events and annual conference plus, over time, a library of tax resources. More than that, it grants access to TaxSpace – a set of tools that enables better communication, collaboration and project management.


Why? Our internal process is to approach each problem as a group. It occurred to us that there’s no reason why we can’t work with our introducer firms in the same way. Imagine how powerful we could be if we could combine our knowledge of the tax system with the expertise of the likes of lawyers, barristers, accountants, valuers, financial advisors, property experts etc. Together, we have that opportunity.